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Monte Estoril Ocean Residence

New Houses and Apartments for sale in Monte Estoril, Cascais, Lisboa. Two different projects with similar prices!

Monte Estoril Ocean Residence

Looking at new constructions in Monte Estoril, there is a real shortage of new high-quality constructions in the area according to Cascais Statistics, offering the residential property to cope with the population increasing in Cascais such as apartments and complete houses that feature exclusive taste, high-quality finishing, and great locations for under 1.5 Million Euros. Here we are your local guide of Cascais featuring two luxury properties for under 1.5 million euros that will catch your eye.

Monte Estoril Ocean Residence

First, we feature the Monte Estoril Ocean Residence which has an ideal location on the main coastline Marginal connecting Cascais to Lisboa. The rooftop from this sheik residence has stunning views and the location is perfect for commuting to and from Lisboa, sitting just one minute walk from the train station of Monte Estoril. This prestigious high-quality construction features an aluminum finish which is in the same style as what is seen in the accompanying Intercontinental hotel almost directly opposite the Marginal. These two buildings have stunning RESEMBLANCE to each other and the high-quality style and finish that is seen in the Cascais Intercontinental surely rub off nicely onto Monte Estoril Ocean Residence. If you want high quality living with a twist, this may be the right apartment for you. Starting from 1.5Million Euros for 118 SQM.

Apartments For Sale

Ver Apartamento 1 1.500.000€ 3 118.0 m2 2 PF16812
Ver Apartamento 2 1.550.000€ 1 139.0 m2 2 PF16961
Ver Apartamento 3 3.390.000€ 4 198.0 m2 3 PF18045
Ver Apartamento 2 1.700.000€ 1 153.0 m2 2 PF16811


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Monte Estoril Ocean Residence

Monte Estoril Ocean Residence


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